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Complaints from the Waffen-SS led to change of rank insignia shoulder boards from those of the Waffen-SS to those of the Ordnungspolizei. [127] Brutality on the part of interrogators—often prompted by denunciations and followed with roundups—enabled the Gestapo to uncover numerous resistance networks; it also made them seem like they knew everything and could do anything they wanted. [60] However, resistance groups and those who were in moral or political opposition to the Nazis were stalled by the fear of reprisals from the Gestapo. Questo non ha impedito il Reichsführer SS progressivamente concentrato nelle loro mani i corpi di indagine politica. For several leaders their punishment was death. Da settembre 1940 fino al luglio 1942, in qualità di leader della Judenreferat presso l'ufficio SD a Parigi, diresse il servizio di controspionaggio nazista e divenne capo della IV sezione J della Gestapo, incaricata della "questione ebraica". Here are many translated example sentences containing "THE ARMS OF THE GESTAPO" - english-italian translations and search engine for english translations. [22], The Gestapo had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Nazi Party and Germany. [146] Nineteen of the 22 were convicted, and twelve—Martin Bormann (in absentia), Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Hermann Göring, Alfred Jodl, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Wilhelm Keitel, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Alfred Rosenberg, Fritz Sauckel, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Julius Streicher—were given the death penalty. [113] Many of the local offices were understaffed and overworked, struggling with the paper load caused by so many denunciations. Se questo fosse dimostrato significherebbe che esiste un sodalizio tra CIA e Stasi, sodalizio che evidentemente parte da Mueller padre, l’ultimo capo della GESTAPO, fuggito dalla Germania e mai rintracciato; passando per Klaus Barbie e vari gerarchi tedeschi rifiugiatisi sotto l”ombrello USA a patto di combattere i comunisti tanti anni fa Others were arrested simply on the basis of being "suspected of activities hostile to the State" or that there was reason to "suppose that his dealings might harm society". [17] Several Nazi chieftains, among them Göring, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, and Himmler, began a concerted campaign to convince Hitler to take action against Röhm. [137], Occupation meant administration and policing, a duty assigned to the SS, the SD, and the Gestapo even before hostilities began, as was the case for Czechoslovakia. Soon only Prussia was left. [78], Some Germans were convinced that it was their duty to apply all possible expedients to end the war as quickly as possible. Default style; Post style 2; Post style 3; Post style 4; Post style 5; Post video. [45] Increasing religious objections to Nazi policies led the Gestapo to carefully monitor church organisations. Varying degrees of pacification and police enforcement measures were necessary in each place, dependent on how cooperative or resistant the locals were to Nazi mandates and racial policies. Nel 1929 Hitler lo nominò capo delle SS, carica che mantenne sino all'aprile 1934, quando divenne capo della Gestapo. [11] Himmler and Heydrich both immediately began installing their own personnel in select positions, several of whom were directly from the Bavarian Political Police, such as Heinrich Müller, Franz Josef Huber and Josef Meisinger. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 31 dic 2020 alle 15:18. [37], Polish agents also gathered detailed information about the morale of German soldiers in the East. Himmler's subsequent appointment to Chef der Deutschen Polizei (Chief of German Police) and status as Reichsführer-SS made him independent of Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick's nominal control. [129] As historian Eric Johnson remarked, "The Nazi terror was selective terror", with its focus upon political opponents, ideological dissenters (clergy and religious organisations), career criminals, the Sinti and Roma population, handicapped persons, homosexuals and above all, upon the Jews. Intelligent Mr Toad is obsessed with removing the following information and edit warring to remove it In 1967 in Panama, Francis William Keith was accused of being Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, West German diplomats pressed Panama to extradite to Berlin for trial. [130] "Selective terror" by the Gestapo, as mentioned by Johnson, is also supported by historian Richard Evans who states that, "Violence and intimidation rarely touched the lives of most ordinary Germans. Both the Gestapo and Kripo became distinct departments within the RSHA. Arrests, torture, and executions were common. [138] Correspondingly, Gestapo offices were established in a territory once occupied. I crimini di Theo Saewecke capo della Gestapo (Datanews, 1997); Lo straniero indesiderato e il ragazzo del Giambellino. Terror against "state enemies" had become a way of life to such a degree that the Gestapo's presence and methods were eventually normalised in the minds of people living in Nazi Germany. "[96], According to regulations issued by the Reich Main Security Office in 1940, women that had been trained in social work or having a similar education could be hired as female detectives. In lieu of naming convention changes, the original construct of the SiPo, Gestapo, and Kripo cannot be fully comprehended as "discrete entities", since they ultimately formed "a conglomerate in which each was wedded to each other and the SS through its Security Service, the SD". [40], Shortly after the Nazis came to power, they decided to dissolve the 28 federations of the General German Trade Union Confederation, because Hitler—after noting their success in the works council elections—intended to consolidate all German workers under the Nazi government's administration, a decision he made on 7 April 1933. One of the more famous schemes, Operation Valkyrie, involved a number of senior German officers and was carried out by Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. [56], Between June 1942 and March 1943, student protests were calling for an end to the Nazi regime. Sprezzante dei gravissimi rischi cui si esponeva, affrontò impavido i pericoli e le insidie della polizia nazifascista che lo perseguitava e lo ricercava. As early as 1935, a Prussian administrative court had ruled that the Gestapo's actions were not subject to judicial review. Crimini di guerra : Il mito del bravo italiano tra repressione del rebellismo e guerra ai civili nei territori occupati by Borgomaneri, Luigi (a cura): and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Gottlob Berger - Chief of Staff for Waffen-SS and head of the SS's main leadership office. Dal 1936 fu il capo supremo degli organi di polizia della Germania nazista e fu uno tra i maggiori responsabili dell'organizzazione dei campi di prigionia e di sterminio. For example, in 1939 Stettin and Frankfurt am Main only had a total of 41 Gestapo men combined. However, certain Polish information about the movement of German police and SS units to the East during the German invasion of the Soviet Union in the autumn of 1941 was similar to information British intelligence secretly obtained through intercepting and decoding German police and SS messages sent by radio telegraphy. For the most part, members of the church did not offer political resistance but simply wanted to ensure that organizational doctrine remained intact. This was partly because of the Venlo incident of 9 November 1939,[69] in which SD and Gestapo agents, posing as anti-Nazis in the Netherlands, kidnapped two British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) officers after having lured them to a meeting to discuss peace terms. [116], The popular picture of the Gestapo with its spies everywhere terrorising German society has been rejected by many historians as a myth invented after the war as a cover for German society's widespread complicity in allowing the Gestapo to work. A causa di abuso della sua posizione, nel mese di agosto 1942 gli venne ordinato di rientrare a Berlino. [83] On 26 April 1933, he reorganised the force's Amt III as the Gestapa (better-known by the "sobriquet" Gestapo),[84] a secret state police intended to serve the Nazi cause. [123], Of the political cases, 61 people were investigated for suspicion of belonging to the KPD, 44 for the SPD and 69 for other political parties. [107], Contrary to popular belief, the Gestapo was not the all-pervasive, omnipotent agency in German society. [100] One man who served in the Prussian Gestapo in 1933 recalled that most of his co-workers "were by no means Nazis. After another two or three years in that grade, the female detective could advance to Kriminalobersekretärin. These included the non-violent resistance of Hans and Sophie Scholl, two leaders of the White Rose student group. Himmler also gained authority over all of Germany's uniformed law enforcement agencies, which were amalgamated into the new Ordnungspolizei (Orpo; Order Police), which became a national agency under SS general Kurt Daluege. When asked for identification, an operative was required only to present his warrant disc and not a picture identification. [10] Also on that date, Hitler appointed Himmler chief of all German police outside Prussia. After the war in Europe ended, the Gestapo was declared a criminal organization by the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at the Nuremberg trials. The Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police), abbreviated Gestapo (German: [ɡəˈʃtaːpo]; /ɡəˈstɑːpoʊ/),[2] was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and in German-occupied Europe. +Gestapo-Phrase Exclude given word from search, e.g. [108] In Germany proper, many towns and cities had fewer than 50 official Gestapo personnel. [62] Efforts to resist the Nazi regime amounted to very little and had only minor chances of success, particularly since the broad percentage of the German people did not support such actions. [116] 80% of all Gestapo investigations were started in response to information provided by denunciations by ordinary Germans; while 10% were started in response to information provided by other branches of the German government and another 10% started in response to information that the Gestapo itself unearthed. As Evans makes clear, " was not the ordinary German people who engaged in surveillance, it was the Gestapo; nothing happened until the Gestapo received a denunciation, and it was the Gestapo's active pursuit of deviance and dissent that was the only thing that gave denunciations meaning. Groups like the White Rose and others, such as the Edelweiss Pirates, and the Swing Youth, were placed under strict Gestapo observation. [140] Many of the auxiliary police personnel operating on behalf of German Order Police, the SD, and Gestapo were members of the Schutzmannschaft, which included staffing by Ukrainians, Belorussians, Russians, Estonians, Lithuanians, and Latvians. The local offices of the Gestapo, known as Gestapo Leitstellen and Stellen, answered to a local commander known as the Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD ("Inspector of the Security Police and Security Service") who, in turn, was under the dual command of Referat N of the Gestapo and also his local SS and Police Leader. [147][e], Leaders, organisers, investigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy to commit the crimes specified were declared responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan. [104], Whether trained as police originally or not, Gestapo agents themselves were shaped by their socio-political environment. With their trade union flags waving, Hitler gave a rousing speech to the 1.5 million people assembled on Berlin's Tempelhofer Feld that was nationally broadcast, during which he extolled the nation's revival and working class solidarity. The Vampire Diaries - Wikipedia. [112] The Gestapo—at times—was overwhelmed with denunciations and most of its time was spent sorting out the credible from the less credible denunciations. Tali ufficiali rispondevano alle autorità delle SS in cui venivano distaccati.

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