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Unfortunately, there is not much to do but to pay the fine. 12. Very helpful! Signs are NOT always obvious nor CLEAR. Costs will vary depending on the length. I think this is just a scam, to rob money from tourists. Anyway, if you are traveling by your own car, it is better to request a permit in advance, proving proof of certified disability and all the details of the car. Via San Paolo It has been exactly a year since we were in Italy, and the letter was not sent by registered mail. i also got one in florence which i paid as it was my fault and it was dealt with properly, i got the letter, in english, the fine was 69 euros, included admin fees. Le telecamere che controllano l’accesso alla ZTL di Pisa sono 14 e sono posizionate in: Via Carducci No car needed in Cinque Terre or to go from Cinque Terre, to Pisa to Florence. Again, it is pretty obvious that this is where the ZTL starts: As I mentioned in the other post about parking in Pisa, this access can be a bit confusing, because you only see the ZTL cameras once you have already turned into Via Mazzini, and backing up into the Lungarno is not an option. I received a fine from Pisa and Siena. Where will you be staying? This post will hopefully clear up a few points. (non a pagamento). I am ok to pay my fine for speed or things I am aware of, but this time I have no idea , where I did go wrong. Check it on google street View. Have you asked to be refunded or assisted in having the fine annulled? And in Pisa they are very well marked. I thought that as long as you had a ZTL pass you could enter the center of Rome from anywhere. D) San Antonio. Manutenzioni che valuterà l’entità della polizza fidejussoria; che dovrà essere commisurata alle dimensioni e portata dei mezzi ed al rischio per le infrastrutture. Via Mazzini Riceverai automaticamente un avviso quando ti avvicinerai ad un varco ZTL o preferenziale, in modo da evitare le multe! Par conséquent, même si vous vous trouvez dans une ville inconnue, conduisez avec prudence et envoyez un courrier électronique à l'hôtel pour leur demander s'ils se trouvent en ZTL et au cas où ils vous expliqueraient le meilleur moyen de s'y rendre. Your website is wonderful. Con le modalità di cui sopra è consentito l’accesso di veicoli a servizio di clienti degli alberghi, non pernottanti, in relazione ad iniziative e manifestazioni culturali che si tengono negli alberghi stessi, debitamente comunicate, entro il limite cumulativo giornaliero costituito dal numero di camere dell’albergo interessato. To make it even worse the car hire company charged us an admin fee for passing our details onto the Pisa authorities. After a lot of clicking I made a PayPal payment using my currency card. We are travelling to italy with 3 kids coming in from austria going to San Vito camp in Cisano, how do I find the ZTL places so as to avoid them? m) Testate giornalistiche ed emittenti televisive diverse da quelle di cui al punto 2.1, lett. ZTL Pisa: Mappa, Orari, Telecamere, Parcheggi. Otherwise, they are not allowed either. Thank you for this….I looked at your Pisa map and am sort of confused;….just West, and/or North of “the leaning tower” i see 2 big outdoor parking lots. There is a mobile escalator that takes you near to Porta Camollia to the Antiporto right along the ZTL boundary line where lots of buses head to the center of Siena, at least every 15 minutes all day long. We plan to drive to Pisa from Milan on Monday 4/6. It will continue to limit my involvement in these cities. The number is 800086540. This happened also by my mistakes also. I think it was 20 meters from a camera such as the centers of the city ( and in reverse as Street exit ) . (non a pagamento). if i rent a scooter or motorbike will i still be subjected to these rules? Can we appeal because she had a blue badge which was displayed when parked? The fine was 116,70 € I received it 8 months later. Tired of reading about this, I asked for numbers. I can’t read the words behind it. Do you know of any? Open daily 24 hours a day. Thank you soooo much for your pdf link. . Have fun! why should I pay for their mistake? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers. What would you suggest? You can also find a map dedicated to tourist sites on the ViaMichelin website. ViaMichelin integrates information from the Michelin guides into the heart of its maps, in particular, the Michelin Green Guide stars that relate to tourist sites. ZTL a Pisa ; Mappa Zona A ztl ; Mappa Zona B ztl ; Mappa Zona C ztl ; Mappa Zona D ztl ; Map Area CEP ztl ; Municipal Police Pisa ; Municipality of Pisa ; Parking Bus Tours in Pisa ; www.romafree by __. Hi, nice website! There is probably a delay between the day you are fined and the time the verbale is available online. Florentines call this the ZTL, or "Zona Traffico Limitato". There is no uniform or standardized signage and mode of operation. If I am in and out several times in ZTL area, in one day ,wil this to be charged multiple times. They might not even be aware of what the customs in your country are, or that ZTLs are a European thing. I am not sure where that is and if I went through it more than once. Rome ZTL information. Free Parking Areas in Siena. Thanks for the information great article. Il rilascio del permesso è subordinato alla presentazione di polizza fidejussoria a garanzia di eventuali danni alle pavimentazioni stradali dell’importo di 25.000,00 euro. La segnalazione, tramite portale internet, delle targhe dei clienti deve essere accompagnata alla indicazione degli estremi del biglietto o abbonamento rilasciato. Point is if so many get caught and frustrated about this the city should review their trafic sign policy. Were you renting a car? At this point it's important to familiarize yourself with the Limited Traffic Zones.They are called Zona Traffico Limitato in Italian or ZTL and are found in most of the major Italian cities. How is that revenue used or distributed? This impacts badly of the, Cars are noisy, and messy. La richiesta dovrà essere preventivamente inoltrata al Servizio Urbanizzazione Primaria U.O.C. The receptionist told me that it was okay for me to drive to the hotel and wrote down my license plate number to register it. We misread the sign thinking that because we have a disable permit and the sign has a disabled badge on it we could go there. It will probably be the car rental agency that will forward it to you. Pisa Night ZTL works from the 1th May to 30 September : In May, Agost e September, on Friday, Saturday and day before not working days from 22 to 3,; In June and in July every evening from 22 to 3 a.m.; back to index Veicoli di proprietà di autoscuole con sede in ZTL abilitati alla scuola-guida, con possibilità di accesso nell’orario 0,00-24,00 dei giorni feriali. We offer in Italy alone information on access regulations for over 200 cities! veicoli di proprietà (oppure vedi al Cap.lo 3.punto 2) adibiti a trasporto delle suddette merci in regola con le normative igienicosanitarie vigenti: : n°1 permesso per attività (1 targa) ovvero la possibilità di utilizzo di telepass cui associare fino a n.4 targhe; accesso dal lunedì al Sabato 07.oo/20.oo con possibilità di sosta max h 1 con esposizione disco h di controllo. Could you advise please. I have one question: on the ZTL sign (at the bottem) in Via Mazzini (Pisa) I see a picture in orange with a disabled person. Do you think they will stop me at the border? Parking La Torre and Parking Via Pietrasantina (free) are easily reachable if you exit the highway at Pisa nord. Did you have a rental car? Sei sul sito giusto! e purchè nel percorso non siano comprese strade con lastrico storico o restaurato; t) agenzie di investigazione privata: n°1 permesso per veicolo di proprietà (1 targa di veicolo di proprietà oppure vedi al Cap.lo 3. punto 2), ovvero possibilità di utilizzo di telepass cui associare fino a n.4 targhe con possibilità di sosta max h 1 con esposizione disco h di controllo; E’ ammesso, in deroga al divieto generale, l’accesso al settore di pertinenza, con l’inserimento del numero di targa nella lista bianca C, dei: 1. Since coming back to the UK I have tried to look at the Comune Di Pisa website to check photographic footage but the verbale number does not appear to exist. Cartina stradale e cartografia comunale, stradario, pianta della zona, tuttocittà, percorsi per auto, foto … Z.T.L. So the first thing to do is to learn to identify the ZTLs. Answer 1 of 2: Is there a ZTL zone in rapallo. se l’accesso viene effettuato alle ore di 17:00 di venerdì, la comunicazione dovrà pervenire al numero verde entro le ore 18:00 – orario di chiusura del servizio- del lunedì successivo) .L’utente ha l’onere di comunicare il proprio nome e cognome, quello dell’eventuale accompagnatore, il comune di residenza, la data in cui è avvenuto l’accesso, il numero di targa del veicolo, il numero del contrassegno invalidi e la data di scadenza. I paid already, yet , could you comment this ? seem like an organised crime run business to me. It was for “circulating in restricted traffic zone without authorization”. Hi, Gloria! In uk the rule for the Congestion Charge (ZTL), is that once you have entered the zone its for the 24hr period, no matter which street you enter, and you can get a permit like in the Italian cities, shouldn’t the rule and laws be the same for every european countries. I am writing on behalf of my son, in 27/08/ 2015 he was in Pisa, his family where in Via San. ), di altri che risultano già autorizzati alla ZTL. Thanks for any help! I just wish I had read your aticle before I went to Pisa! Il numero di accessi ammessi, per le sole cene, non potrà superare il numero complessivo di 50 autorizzazioni al giorno, gestite, tramite portale, dal singolo operatore in nome e per conto degli altri o dalle associazioni di categoria. k) Mezzi d’opera ed autocarri con peso complessivo a pieno carico non superiore a 20 t, di proprietà delle ditte edili ed impiantistiche che effettuano interventi in ZTL in seguito al rilascio di concessione edilizia o di autorizzazione, limitatamente al quartiere dove viene effettuato l’intervento ed al solo transito, salvo diversa disposizione inserita nel permesso, con l’obbligo di percorrere l’itinerario più breve possibile. All rights reserved. Thank you for your attention. If you are not allowed to be in the ZTL, you are not, no matter what you are driving. Hi thank you very much for amazing post. 93003280505. Dietro presentazione di specifica istanza relativa ad interventi di durata giornaliera o di più giorni, verranno rilasciati appositi permessi temporanei, con la contestuale immissione delle targhe nella lista bianca T, per l’accesso e sosta di mezzi nella ZTL di Pisa nelle seguenti fattispecie: a) autotrasportatori: con obbligo di rispetto delle fasce orarie di accesso. what’s happening in a case like this? My arguement is to provide advance warning in English to [we have Japanese signs in Australia] at a point where you have a choice. -this Is a ZTL or presence of warning of ZTL in the town of Pisa, because it intrigues us ( we had a number of times before ) . I’ve just received one of these fines after straying into a zone in Lucca last summer (it’s now March the following year). At present I work as night auditor at a Pisa hotel within the ZTL and can confirm that hardly any guests coming at night fail to have problems. Some 8 months later I receive a letter only in Italian and looking at the sum on it I can only assume the appeal was rejected and the fine doubled. They support their thesis with the argument that the city council even has English and German speaking clerks helping people pay ZTL fines. ! Sometimes it does not work so well.” It looks like I have to pay the fine for the crimes I have commited. Only city buses, taxis, residents with a valid permit and other authorized vehicles (i.e. C) San Martino. 1 – I saw today that it has ZLT in Pisa, Rome and Florence, has more than these cities with ZLT? It is true that 70% of the fines go to tourists, the remaining 30% to Italians, 40% of which are not from the city. Hi Gloria I am just finding out that I received a violation in Pisa on Via Roma. Thanks. Free Parking Areas in Siena. Quite honestly I’d advise you to park your hire car in the suburbs and use public transport, it far too easy to get caught out and quite expensive to park. it took over 30 emails to have the hotel and police agree that 4 fines were wrong but apparently 1 fine stand as it was in a different ZTL zone test only 1 mile from the hotel. Can we obtain the permission to drive through ZTL in Pisa, Sienna, Firenze and may be other cities we are palnning to visit ? con possibilità di sosta nei luoghi ove consentito; accesso di norma dal lunedì al venerdì 8.00/20.00 con possibilità di sosta limitatamente alla durata dell’intervento; n. 1 permesso per targa oppure la possibilità di utilizzo di telepass cui associare fino a n. 4 targhe.

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